We wanted to increase the visibility of our Top Awards and make the Queen’s Scout Award something all our members strive for, and Kane Maloney stepped in to help us with this by illustrating the pathway.

Kane tells us how he got involved:

“I have a background in Product Design and Graphics, and this is what I studied at Uni. During the first UK lockdown I decided to spend some free time producing illustrations as a bit of a creative outlet. I produced a design for the CRE8 challenge badge which was liked by Peter Oliver on Twitter.  A few weeks after that I was contacted by Lee Allwood, via email, with a request to help with some design work for a new illustration to highlight the top awards in Scouting and the requirements for attaining them.

Lee already had a bit of a sketch idea of what he envisaged, and he allowed me the creative freedom to go away and produce something based on that. My very first thought was to a create a sunset scene with depth and contrast, provided by vibrant colours, to really draw the reader in. Lee and I kept in constant communication via email, and we used this to add to and tweak the design until we got to the final layout.

I am extremely happy with how the final design turned out and I am very pleased that it will be used by Merseyside Scouts and by our members to help them to aim for the top awards. It is very satisfying to see your work being shared and be of use to others.”

A huge thankyou to Kane for a fantastic job! 

Anyone wanting to start their QSA, or who thinks they would be a good mentor or for any other questions on Top Awards can contact Lee Allwood, our Assistant County Commissioner for Programme Achievement.