President and Vice Presidents

County President: Mark Blundell, His Majesty’s Lord-Lieutenant of Merseyside
Vice Presidents: Alan Seeley, Peter Oliver and Eric Morton

County Executive Committee (Board of Trustees)

The County Executive Committee supports the County Commissioner in the management of provision across Merseyside in line with our Policy, Organisation and Rules. It also provides governance over the Merseyside County Scout Council charitable entity, as well as the assets of the charity.

County Chair: David Steer Esq QC DL
County Treasurer: Sam Robinson
County Secretary: James Barber

Ex Officio Members:

  • County Commissioner: Chris Valentine-Burrows
  • County Youth Commissioners: Alex Clark and Kieran Murphy

Nominated Members (nominated by the County Commissioner):

  • Daragh O’Malley (Deputy County Commissioner)
  • John Cadman (Deputy County Commissioner)
  • Michael Hussey (Deputy County Commissioner)
  • Nikki Parr (Deputy County Commissioner)

Elected Members (elected by the County Scout Council):

  • Mark Bennett (Chair of Audit and Risk)
  • Jane Owen
  • John Drysdale (Chair of Finance)
  • Nigel MacLeod
  • Alan Seeley (Chair of Appointments and Awards)

Elected Youth Representatives (elected by the County Scout Council):

  • Calum Towers

Right of Attendance

  • Chair of the Tawd Vale Steering Group (Vacant)

The Committee is formed at the Annual General Meeting of the County Scout Council each year. It is responsible for constituting sub-Committees, as necessary to support it’s work.

Annual Reports

Supporting Local Executive Committees

New process for County Scout Council Representative Notifications

At District AGMs, each district much elect a representative to the County Scout Council and this year there is a new process for notifying the County who’s been elected from your district. District Secretaries are responsible for informing us about who is elected and can find out about the process on the AGM Process 2021 for District Secretaries page.