Guidance for Section Supporters

There are a number of ways a District can support Section Leaders. These include District supporter roles such as, Assistant District Commissioners and District Leaders or District Scouters for the sections, District Explorer Scout Commissioner and District Scout Network Commissioner.

Scouting offers a diverse and exciting selection of activities and experiences that are key to attracting and retaining young people. The Scouting Programme provides adventure and challenge to young people in an age-appropriate way, helping them with their personal development and to grow their confidence.

A quality programme is challenging, relevant and rewarding for every young person. A priority for any volunteer in a programme support role must be to ensure every section is able to confidently provide a challenging, relevant and rewarding programme. 

What we mean by ‘challenging’:

  • More opportunities for outdoor and adventurous activities in safe environments
  • Young people gaining confidence by participating in new or less familiar activities and stepping out of their comfort zones
  • All young people regardless of their abilities, can enjoy and achieve

What we mean by ‘relevant’:

  • Young people shape the programme based on what they want to learn and explore
  • Ensuring the needs of every young person are met
  • Responding to what young people are currently inquisitive about and reflecting this in the programme

What we mean by ‘rewarding’:

  • Developing skills for life, including teamwork and leadership
  • Supporting young people with their progression through the sections
  • Young people are excited about Scouting, having fun and increasing in confidence

Useful Resources

Here is a useful guide for Scout Districts about providing Programme Support:

Here are ‘Quality of Programme Checkers’ for each of our Sections:

Making sure our Sections are Youth Shaped: