Manager and Supporter Training

Every role volunteer in Scouting is required to complete some training which is tailored to their role. Your training can help you learn new skills to support you when you’re running your section, managing a dispute or even taking some Cubs out on the water for the first time.

Our Manager & Supporter training scheme consists of:  

  • Part 1: Getting Started – training that applies to all roles in Scouts
  • Part 2: Managers and Supporters Training – bespoke training for those in management and support roles, structured around six core skill areas of leadership and management. The learning opportunities for the Managers and Supporters Training is split into two elements:
    • Independent Learning – There are a number of independent learning modules to support managers and supporters. If you need to complete any of the three manager and supporter skills modules it is important to complete the independent learning required for each of the modules before attending. The skills modules rely on an understanding of this independent learning as a foundation for the learning.  The independent learning that supports each of the individual skills courses is noted below. If you wish for further advice please speak to your Training Adviser. These independent learning modules are helpful as a refresher to those already in post – so if you are unsure of any of the topics or feel that a refresher would be helpful please don’t hesitate to complete them.
    • Skills Courses – this will consist of three courses where learners have an opportunity discuss and demonstrate different skills relating to leadership and management.1. Skills of Management 2. Meeting the Challenges 3. Achieving Growth 
  • Part 3: First Response (organised locally, by Districts and Groups)

Part 1: Getting Started (eLearning Courses)

All Getting Started training must now be undertaken online, via the below eLearning modules. Upon completion of the courses, please send your certificate of completion to our Training Team so that we can update your training records in Compass, our Membership Management System.

For all Managers and Supporters:

Part 2: Manager and Supporter (Trainer Led Courses)

Skills courses are being managed as a North West Region training provision. It is possible to attend any of the courses being run by the North West Region, although Cheshire and Merseyside Counties are operating as one ‘cluster’ and are running the following training courses:

  • Skills of Management (Online Saturday 3rd June 09.30-16.30 plus pre-course session Tuesday 23rd May 19.00.)
    15th January and 26th January 2022
    Click here to book
  • Achieving Growth (One Day Course)
    To be confirmed
  • Meeting the Challenges (One Day Course)
    To be confirmed

Part 3: First Response (Trainer Led Courses)

In addition, it is a requirement for all Section Leaders to hold a valid First Response certificate. Districts are normally responsible for delivering this training. Due to current restrictions, and the large number of volunteers who need to update this training, we are asking volunteers to take the below approach:

Module 10a (First Response Theory)

Step 1: Participate in this eLearning training, provided by Hampshire Scouts (upon competition, please complete the necessary form and we will be notified).

Step 2: Participate in a follow up online trainer-led session, and we’ll be in touch with those who need this to let you know how you can book.

Important note: everyone who requires this training will need to have completed it by the end of January 2022.

Module 10b (First Response Validation)

Once you have completed module 10a, we’ll be in touch regarding opportunities to take part in module 10b – a short practical validation of your learning.

Optional: Nights Away (Module 38)

This training supports you to develop the skills necessary to lead the organisation of residential experiences.

Sunday 9th June and Friday 28rd June to Sunday 30th June at Tawd Vale Adventure Centre.

Click here to book.

Further Information

Questions relating to Adult Training can be directed to your Local Training Manager; details can be found in our Support Handbook.