Come and help us strengthen existing and create new provision, working as part of a great Regional Services Team in Merseyside.

The purpose of the job is to instigate, support, and deliver focused growth projects and plans across the project area, to deliver the project objectives and targets. Working in partnership with County and District Commissioners, Project Working Group and Funded Project Coordinator to realise agreed sustainable growth targets.

To ensure that monitoring and progress reports are provided to the Project Working Group. To support Scouting volunteers to develop and grow Scouting, including but not limited to delivering volunteer recruitment, supporting new and existing volunteers and building community links.

What we are looking for?

If you are enthusiastic and have passion for delivering excellent customer service with the ability to self-motivate, you will excel in this role. Our ideal candidate will be a good listener with excellent communication, project management and reflective skills and the ability to work alone and in collaboration with others.

You will thrive whilst managing a diverse workload and reaching targets. Key to success is an ability to engage and communicate effectively, develop collaborative partnerships with our volunteers and the ability to oversee projects through to delivery and evaluation.

Key accountabilities

  • Support and work in partnership with District Commissioners, Group Scout Leaders and other volunteers to achieve organisational growth.
  • Open new provisions in line with the project plan, and using local knowledge, contributing to the ongoing development of the project plan as needed and to ensure that Scouting is accessible to all.
  • Enable and motivate local Scouting to devise, apply and refresh sustainable growth plans in existing and new provisions. (In line with the Association’s agreed Growth Strategy and using the agreed work bank model).
  • Advise and support local Scouting upon the retention and recruitment of adult volunteers.
  • Advise, support and encourage Scouting to engage with seldom heard communities.
  • Help develop and deliver training, events and activities, designed to support Scouting and promote local growth and development.
  • Help identify, create and design new tools and resources to support growth and development.
  • Liaise with other staff from across headquarters, particularly concerning development and volunteering issues.
  • Represent Headquarters and its Departments in the Region(s) and Counties.
  • Any other duties as may reasonably be required.

Where can you find out more and how can you apply?

This role, although funded by Merseyside Scouts, is being recruited to by The Scouts Regional Services Team.