Later this month the Queen’s celebrates her Birthday, we thought this would be the perfect time to launch our updated Queen’s Scout Award Support.

Our updated support pages on this website now include a simple registration form, and by registering via this we can see who’s undertaking the award and offer them more support. On our new pages you will find all the resources needed to either support others completing their award or for members undertaking the award themselves including the QSA Log Book, Reach The Top Guide, and Completion Form. We’re also building a team of QSA Mentors to provide one to one support for those that want it.

One of our QSA Mentors Emma from Bebington tells us a little bit about being a QSA mentor:

The Queen’s Scout Award is an incredible award to gain, and as a mentor I am able to be a sounding ear for others who are working towards their award. Since completing my award a good few years ago, (but still being youthful enough to remember the amount of effort and hard work needed to acheive it!) the award requirements have changed a lot with the inclusion of other important elements of Scouting (International, Community and Values) being acknowledged, I think has been a really great addition to the award.

Being a mentor, has been really rewarding to work alongside driven members of the Association and to be able to bounce ideas off each other for how the critera can be met, even throughout Lockdown- which has fortunately not been a huge barrier for those working towards the award. 

QSA Mentorship was never intended to be a formal affair- it has been anything that our young people have needed, whether that is a catch up via zoom over pizza to discussing ideas for group nights to continue to work towards the completion of the QSA. Mentoring has simply been to facilitate any questions or concerns of the mentee, and be someone there to check in with, as now more than ever, with face to face Scouting having been on pause for the best part of a year, it has been important to support our youth members in achieving these top awards!