The last couple of months have been challenging for most; and incredibly difficult for some. Despite this, so many of you have continued to support our young people and their parents / carers to carry on Scouting at Home.
We’ve completely changed the way we operate; but have continued to help our members gain from the skills for life we know our programme develops. In fact, I have no doubt that many of our members have been putting those valuable skills for life to good use over the last couple of months.
None of us know quite what the future holds; or for how long we will continue to feel the very real impact of this pandemic. However; you’ve found new ways of doing things, new ways of connecting with each other, as best you can, and new ways to put our unquestionable continued relevance to great use. Whatever the future does hold, I have great optimism for what we will be able to make happen, together.
As we head in to Volunteers Week on Monday, on behalf of the entire team, I just wanted to say thank you – for everything you’re doing.
Stay optimistic; and keep your eyes on the stars.
Best wishes, 

Peter Oliver
County Commissioner