A quick thank you from our Lead Volunteer

We wanted to take a minute to say thank you for everything you do – week in and week out – to support our young people and each other.

Scouting in Merseyside is growing and getting stronger all because of your tireless efforts to ensure our young people are developing skills for life. I want to share some interesting facts that really highlight the impact of your dedication to scouting, & what you all achieve as our amazing team of volunteers:

Across Merseyside every year –

·     You give a combined half a million hours of volunteer time.

·     You support 7000 young people across 140 communities.

·     You deliver a programme of over 330 activities across all our sections.

·     You contribute 5.6 million pounds to the local economy.

·     You are part of a team of 2500 other volunteers.

None of this could be achieved with your dedication to our young people and I wish to personally thank you for your individual contribution. You should be extremely proud of the impact you make, and the wider contribution you make to our communities.