Meet Nikki, our Team Lead (Programme)

Welcome to International Women’s Day 2024! I am happy to celebrate it with you! 

In Merseyside Scouts we are proud to not only work alongside but encourage women in our scouting community to stand up and achieve amazing things.  

I currently hold the team lead volunteer role for programme support in Merseyside Scouts.  This role empowers me to make a difference and pushed me out of my comfort zone, by encouraging me to speak publicly.  Also, it has enabled me to lead a team to deliver large scale events for young people ages 4 to 10 years olds.  

Scouts encourage women to volunteer and take on more visible leadership roles, some may need a little push or helping hand, as well as someone saying, ‘You’d be good for this’. 

Here Merseyside Scouts, were proud to celebrate the amazing things the girls and women in our movement do. Thank you to all our volunteers who make our scouting experience inclusive for all.