AGM Process 2023 for District Secretaries

Step 1.
Let us know when your AGM is.

First things first, make sure you’ve let us know when your AGM is.

Step 2.
Elect your County Scout Council Representative.

Each district needs to elect a member to represent it on the Merseyside County Scout Council at their AGM. It’s important to note that the following roles are ex-officio members of the County Scout Council and hence cannot be your elected representative:

  • County President
  • County Vice-President
  • Regional Commissioner
  • County Commissioner
  • County Chair
  • County Secretary
  • County Treasurer
  • Deputy County Commissioner
  • County Scout Active Support Manager
  • County Training Manager
  • District Chair
  • District Secretary
  • District Treasurer
  • Assistant County Commissioner
  • County Scouter
  • County Skills Instructor
  • County Adviser
  • County Administrator
  • Local Training Manager
  • District Commissioner
  • Scout Network Representative
  • District Scout Active Support Manager

Step 3.
Let us know who was elected.

Now that your AGM is over (phew!) and your election is complete, please let us know who was elected by completing the below form.