In 1919, Baden-Powell introduced a standardised system for leader training at Gilwell Park, near London. Those who completed the course were awarded a ‘Wood Badge’. This wasn’t a cloth badge, but a pair of wooden beads. One came from the ceremonial necklace of the Zulu chief, Dinizulu, and recipients carved their own second bead.

In 1987, four Wood Badge beads were given to Dinizulu’s grandson as a symbolic act of returning the beads to their rightful heir. Today, leaders throughout the world continue the tradition of the Wood Badge and receive replica wooden beads. 

Since September 1919, volunteers in the Scouts have been awarded the Wood Badge once they have completed their leader training.

Congratulations to everyone….

  • Alexander Carroll (Liverpool South)
  • Andrew Costall (West Wirral)
  • Ann Collett (Liverpool South)
  • Ann Parry (Liverpool North)
  • Anthony Nield (Bebington)
  • Caroline McBain (West Wirral)
  • Charlie Parry (Liverpool North)
  • Charlotte Dawson (West Wirral)
  • Clare Brownlow (Sefton North)
  • Craig Geraghty (Liverpool North)
  • Dawn Abel (Liverpool South)
  • Elizabeth Dennis (West Wirral)
  • Elizabeth Hughes (West Wirral)
  • Graham MacDonald (Wallasey)
  • Hugh Conaghan (Sefton North)
  • Jamie Fanning (Wallasey)
  • Joanne Dawson (West Wirral)
  • Joanne Ginnever (Altside)
  • Joseph Barnes (Liverpool South)
  • Katherine Jones (Bebington)
  • Leigh Walton (Sefton North)
  • Lucy Fol (Crosby)
  • Maisie Edwards (Liverpool South)
  • Martin Billington (Wallasey)
  • Matthew Stemp (St Helens And District)
  • Natalie Firkins (Liverpool South)
  • Natalie Walsh (Liverpool South)
  • Pauline Donaldson (Birkenhead)
  • Peter Oliver (Merseyside)
  • Raymond McLellan (Altside)
  • Robert Stratford (Altside)
  • Sheila Shennan (Wallasey)
  • Stella Chisnell (Sefton North)
  • Stephen Fearon (Liverpool North)
  • Tracy Perkins (Sefton North)
  • Victoria Smith (Liverpool North)