Saying thank you is something we can never do enough. When we get the opportunity, we like to make a fuss of our team members who receive Good Service Awards. We haven’t been able to do that over the last year in our normal way, but we wanted to share with everyone the great news of the over 80 Good Service Awards that have been awarded by our Chief Scout, Bear Grylls, to volunteers across Merseyside over the last 12 months.

Chief Scout’s Commendation for Good Service

Awarded in respect of not less than 5 years good service, which stands out. It should be regarded as the Chief Scout’s recognition of the very real contribution made to the Scouts by the individual concerned.

  • Catherine Arrowsmith (Wallasey)
  • Kelly Ashcroft (Wallasey)
  • Colin Bell (Wallasey)
  • David Bond (Altside)
  • Annette Brown (Wallasey)
  • Diane Chapman (Sefton North)
  • Andrew Churchill (Wallasey)
  • Anna Cotsworth (Sefton North)
  • Caitlin Cubbin (Wallasey)
  • Jordan Davies (Birkenhead)
  • Antony Dowell (Altside)
  • Laura Drittler (Sefton North)
  • Rachel English (Wallasey)
  • Ian Espley (Sefton North)
  • Jennifer Fielding (Sefton North)
  • Patricia Fielding (Sefton North)
  • Lezleigh-Anne Furlong (Wallasey)
  • Wendy Gacem (Wallasey)
  • Ashley Hadfield (Sefton North)
  • Kimberley Hargreaves (Sefton North)
  • Jennifer Hart (St. Helens)
  • Dannelle Jones (Liverpool North)
  • Heidi Jones (Wallasey)
  • Clare Kenny (Wallasey)
  • Graham MacDonald (Wallasey)
  • Amanda McCarter (Sefton North)
  • Andy McCarter (Sefton North)
  • Catherine McDonald-Hollis (Altside)
  • Craig McKee (St. Helens)
  • Keith McLaughlin (Wallasey)
  • John McNicholas (Wallasey)
  • Dawn Mercer (Liverpool North)
  • Ian Moxley (Wallasey)
  • Michael Noyce (Wallasey)
  • Adele Parry (Liverpool North)
  • Gareth Pritchard (Wallasey)
  • Kevin Reevey (Sefton North)
  • Richard Robinson (Liverpool North)
  • Barbara Rutherford (Wallasey)
  • Peter Shennan (Wallasey)
  • Gill Smart (Altside)
  • Anna Smtih (Wallasey)
  • Stephen Tysome (Sefton North)
  • Philip Vernon (Sefton North)
  • John Watts (Crosby)
  • Jane Weaver (Birkenhead)
  • Trevor White (Sefton North)
  • Matthew Williams (Wallasey)

Award for Merit

Awarded for outstanding service. It implies keen, conscientious, imaginative and dedicated service over a sustained period, of at least 12 years duration (exceptionally 10).

  • Susan Abbott (Sefton North)
  • Karen Ackers (St. Helens)
  • Helen Archibald (St. Helens)
  • Ian Bench (Sefton North)
  • Dawn Bennett (Wallasey)
  • Anthony Bennett (Wallasey)
  • Helen Black (Wallasey)
  • Ian Bench (Sefton North)
  • Lizzie Bridgelock (Birkenhead)
  • Isabella (Jane) Byrne (Altside)
  • James Chinnery (Wallasey)
  • Suzanne Clare (Altside)
  • Martyn Climpson (Altside)
  • Angela Hughes (Sefton North)
  • Christopher Hunt (Wallasey)
  • Caroline Hunt (Wallasey)
  • Mike Hussey (Merseyside)
  • Emma Lawler (Sefton North)
  • James Long (St. Helens)
  • Glen Melling (St. Helens)
  • Iain Parr (Altside)
  • Carole Priestner (Sefton North)
  • Andrew Priestner (Sefton North)
  • Paul Roberts (Wallasey)
  • Sylvia Robinson (Sefton North)
  • Helen Slater (Wallasey)
  • Wesley Sloane (St. Helens)
  • Andrew Tinsley (Sefton North)
  • Bertram Watts (Wallasey)

Bar to the Award for Merit

Awarded after at least 5 years of further outstanding service after receiving the Award for Merit.

  • Lee Allwood (Merseyside)
  • Paul Jones (Birkenhead)

Silver Acorn

Awarded after at least 20 years service, which should be specially distinguished and appreciably better than outstanding.

  • Sue Flush (West Wirral)
  • John Marsh (Sefton North)
  • Peter Neil (Birkenhead)
  • Geoff Poole (Wallasey)
  • Roy Smith (Sefton North)

Silver Wolf

This award is the unrestricted gift of the Chief Scout. It’s only awarded for service of a most exceptional nature. It’s not normally awarded until at least a Silver Acorn has been previously gained and a further prolonged period of exceptional service has been achieved. In practice, it’s rarely awarded for less than 30 years’ service although, because it is the Chief Scout’s unrestricted gift, no length of service is prescribed.

  • Carl Kirk (Sefton North)
  • Marjorie Kirk (Sefton North)
  • Ken Tipping (Sefton North)