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Friday 12th to Sunday 14th October 2018
at Tawd Vale

The Feast of the Lanterns is one of the main highlights in Merseyside Scouts yearly calendar, providing an opportunity for Scouts and Explorers to really get creative and messy creating a fantastic display of lights and colour.

How is the event setup?

The Feast comprises of 4 sections, which your team will be entered into depending on the nature of your display and group:

  • Traditional - Made of completely traditional methods
  • Fantastia - All Displays using electrical lighting or sound
  • Novice - anyone who has not entered the previous 10 years
  • Explorer Scouts - Pretty self explanatory

How does the competition run?

The camp is held during the 2nd weekend in October each year, over a full weekend. Each group arrives on site (pre-booking is required) and randomly selects an envelope containing their site for the weekend.

The groups are then left to create their masterpieces during the Saturday. Judges will view the groups during the day on the Saturday to get an idea of the amount of work and effort that has been put into each display.

The real judging then starts after the last minute rush to get the displays lit on Saturday evening when dark falls. Each display is judged by our panel and award scores on creativity, hard work, inginuity and orginality. The displays are then also open to other Scouts, leaders, parents to come to the site to take a walk around.

The much coveted title is then awarded to the winning groups on the Sunday morning at our Scouts Own service.

2018 Event Information

2017 Results


1st Place: 26th Picton - Smothered Earth

2nd Place: 7th Fairfield - Scouting Hub

3rd Place: 61st Southport - Tranquil Space


1st Place: Vale ESU - Welcome to Wasteros


1st Place: 22nd Bootle Altside - Plight of the Musuem

Photo's from 2016

Feast of the Lanterns 2016