Transforming our use of digital to support our volunteers to deliver skills for life.

An aspect that underpins the delivery of our skills for life strategy is to transform how we use digital - to support our members, engage our members and improve the way we communicate and collaborate.

Over the last 15 years, Liam O'Malley has done a fantastic job in developing our County website. Liam recently shared some snapshots over the years and it was incredible to look back at the journey the site has taken.

As we prepare to make increased use of digital to support you; our first step has been to move our website to a new platform and this has now launched; it's the same address ( but if you had any bookmarks to particular pages, they will no longer work.

It's packed with new features to help us keep our members better informed and provide support. We plan to continually develop both the content and our use of new functionality within the platform. The platform allows us to deliver better integration between sources of information and will allow us to develop new tools.

You're already here - so that's a great start. If you have any feedback, please comment on this article - or please get in touch with Jack Bettam, our Website Co-Ordinator within our Digital Comms team.

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