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Merseyside's Youth Shaped Strategy


To meet our Vision Toward 2018, young people across all ages will have the chance to have their voice heard on all aspects of Scouting, including programme and activity planning and the way that their Group is run.

Merseyside's Youth Commissioner team is responsible for ensuring that this vision is realised through the four key areas; Leadership, Programme, Governance and Management.



The goals for the Leadership strand are...

  • Increase the number of young people completing their young leader training across the county;
  • Encourage young people aged between 18 and 25 to support the delivery of young leader training across the county;
  • Ensure that young leaders play a fundamental part of a leadership team within a group and having influence on decision making;
  • Improve the understanding of volunteers on providing a youth shaped programme through adult training.

These goals will be achieved by...

  • Liaising with relevant people to form a plan on delivering Young Leader training;
  • Coordinate with County Training Managers to look at providing training on Youth Shaped scouting and the utlilisation of Young Leaders;
  • Hold an event that will link Young Leader, Nominated Youth Representatives and Young People from across the county.


The goals for the Programme strand are...

  • Increase engagement and support between Section Leadership Teams and the Youth Commissioner Team;
  • Ensure that the thoughts, opinions and ideas of young people within groups are seriously considered when planning programmes in partnership with adults;
  • Building increased confidence for Section Leadership Teams to deliver youth shaped programmes;
  • Bring an increased participation through Section Programmes during YouShape month; and use these activities to provide momentum for the remainder of the year.

These goals will be achieved by...

  • Encourage and support section leaders in delivering a Youth Shaped programme with a key emphasis on YouShape month in February;
  • Launch the "Ask Jess" blog to provide leaders with easy access to support from the Youth Commissioner team;
  • Piloting "YouShape in a Box" to 50 groups across Merseyside.


The goals for the Management strand are...

  • Give 18 – 25 year olds the confidence to apply for roles at a District / County level in key, decision making, positions;
  • Ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to apply for roles that they are best suited to. A transparent process;
  • Change people’s attitudes towards encouraging young people into management roles;
  • Implement a support mechanism for 18-25 year olds in management roles.

These goals will be achieved by...

  • Organise workshops with Young People to develop personal skills for life;
  • Review the way we currently advertise roles to ensure it reaches a wide audience;
  • Hold a workshop with District Commissioners surrounding Young People in management roles.


The goals for the Governance strand are...

  • Plan and deliver support and advise Nominated Youth Representatives on Executives to feel comfortable and confident in meetings;
  • Inspire Young People to get involved with executives. This should include advertising in a way that will engage Young People;
  • Setup a forum or suitable support network to assist young trustees.

These goals will be achieved by...

  • Establish a communication network between Nominated Youth Representatives across Merseyside;
  • Organise workshops with Nominated Youth Representatives to help them understand their role;
  • Review the way we currently advertise executive roles to ensure it reaches a wide audience;
  • Hold a workshop with Executive teams surround Young People on Executive Committies.

Local Speak Up

Looking for help in planning your local Speak Up event? Below are some resources that will get you going.

More resources can be found on the national "A Million Hands" website here.

Useful Resources

Below are just a few resources which you may find useful:

Got Questions?

Our Youth Commissioner team are always happy to answer any questions about the Youth Shaped strategy on Merseyside. They can be contacted via email at