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Merseyside's YouShape Support - an introduction from Ben Hodge, our Youth Commissioner

To increase our involvement in being YouShaped in Team Merseyside, in the near future I plan to:

  • Promote and support groups and districts during youshape month in delivering an effective YouShape programme to their young people on a local level and continuing this support once YouShape month has passed.
  • Steer a YouShape Working Group which will be youth-led and will discuss and create actions for YouShape activities in Merseyside
  • Offering support and guidance to leaders on a local level in running a programme around YouShape activites such as section forums
  • Create a 'skills for life' setting in Team Merseyside where young people feel as if they are learning transferable skills within the scout hut
  • Retrieve the views of our young memberes to see how they would like the YouShape plans on Merseyside to be shaped and tailored to our county.

YouShape Topic for the Term

We're launching some regular practical programme ideas that you can use with your Section to help you run a YouShape activities. In our first 'topic for the term', we focus on 'resolutions'. The activities, arranged by our Youth Shaped Working Group (thanks all!) are aimed at supporting our members make Youth Shaped easier to deliver and to encourage discussion and goal-setting amongst our young people.

January 2018 - Resolutions

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

I hope that you had a great holoiday season and a great start to 2018. As part of this new start, alongside the Youth Shaped Working Group, we have decided to roll out a termly package with programme ideas for a number of topics that may be relevant to our young people in Scouting. We have called this 'Topic for the Term'. The thinking behind this was that leaders can take the topic we give them aswell as the session plan into a meeting and so they have a meeting already planned for them and they can use these plans as a starting point to work towards badges and higher rewards.

We wanted to keep the topics as relavent to the lives of our young poeple as possible and so we have chose these issues to reflect everyday life. Our first topic, presented in this mailing, is 'RESOLUTIONS'. Our aim is to get young people thinking about 'New Years Resolutions' and get them used to goal setting and working towards their ambitions whether that is for the end of 2018 or beyond.

If you complete any of our programmes during your sessions, we would love to hear your feedback! Please share what your section did through social media or through email. If you have any questions or ways in which we can improve what we do for the next Topic of the Term, then please get in touch! We will also be in touch again soon to let you know what we have planned for YouShape Month!!

Thank you!

What does Youth Engagement look like in Merseyside?

We're very focused on ensuring that young people play an active role in shaping Scouting, in partnership with adults. Our approach to Youth Engagement is centred around ensuring that we:

  • Remain focused on the needs of young people
  • Gain relevant feedback
  • Involve young people in the planning of their section
  • Provide young people with the opportunity to experience leadership
  • Engage in and influence our communities
  • Involve young people in decision making processes
  • Provide opportunities for young people to enhance skills

Our Youth Engagement strategy has been defined to provide clarity over how we are engaging young people in the delivery of Scouting at all levels across the County - the key elements are shown below.  

The key themes within our approach to Youth Engagement are:

1. Feedback from Young People participating within a Section; via the Section Leader:

  • Led by the Section Leadership Teams
  • Provides opportunities for young people to comment on and influence the programmes and activities of their Section

2. Engagement of Young People leading within a Section; via the Group Leader:

  • Led by Group Leaders
  • Provides opportunities for leaders of young people (i.e. Sixers, PLs and Young Leaders) to represent the views of their peers and influence wider planning of Sections
  • Provides opportunities for these young people to directly engage in the planning process of Sections

3. Community and political engagement; via the County

  • Led by the County and District Teams
  • Provides opportunities for young people to experience, engage and influence other community organisations and political representatives
  • Also provides an opportunity for young people to contribute to social change
  • Opportunities at national and local level

4. Young People directly engaged in decision making processes within Scouting; via the County

  • Led by Young People; empowered by the County Executive and District Teams
  • Provides opportunities for young people to directly contribute to decision making processes taking input from all other areas of youth engagement
  • Facilitated by the County Youth Forum
  • Truly and directly influences strategic, tactical and operational decision making

Local Speak Up

Looking for help in planning your local Speak Up event? Below are some resources that will get you going.

More resources can be found on the national "A Million Hands" website here.

Useful Resources

Below are just a few resources which you may find useful:

Got Questions?

Our Youth Commissioner team are always happy to answer any questions about the Youth Shaped strategy on Merseyside. They can be contacted via email at