The Team

Consists of interested people who may be either clerical or lay. Many are active Scouters who place a high value on spiritual and religious development.
The team is ecumenical and provides support to the different Faith Communities in our County.

The team exists to :

  • Help all those in Scouting with their spiritual and religious development.
  • Help the different Faith Communities to support sponsored Scout Groups, and members of their faiths who are in open groups.
  • Help other youth groups with similar opportunities to liaise with Scouting.

How does the team do these things?

  • By holding meetings when required to discuss issues relevant to spiritual and religious development and to plan to support leaders and commissioners in their work.
  • By supporting the County Adult Support team with relevant and useful materials and providing help at County activities.
  • By providing materials and resources to help leaders deliver the religious and spiritual dimensions of Scouting By assisting the County Commissioner and his / her assistants.
  • By liaising between the sponsoring authority and Scout Group in church sponsored Groups.

Want Help?

Then contact Rev Fr John Seddon , Asst County Commissioner (Faith Support)
or the County Office

"Religion does not come into Scouting at all - it is already there..(Scouting exists) to give such help as we can in bringing about God's Kingdom on earth"

Lord Robert Baden-Powell


Team Members