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Welcome to your Merseyside County Scout Network, if you’re an explorer or already a Networker welcome to the one of the most exciting sections in the county!

REMEMBER: it’s your Network so the more you put in the more you'll get out!

Network is alive and kicking in Merseyside! We started in 2003 and soon established our own identity. As you will see in pictures and the welcome pack, PINK is a big part of our image (One of our motto's is TH!NK P!NK). It has helped us get recognised not only across Merseyside but all over the UK.

The pack, available to download from the bar to the right, has been designed to give you all the info you need. Also below is some frequently asked questions and answers. Whether you’re an Explorer leader wanting to know where are the Networkers? An Explorer nearly 18 and worried what happens next or a Networker just wanting some advice. Its all here, ready and waiting for you...

Frequently Asked Questions!

What uniform do I wear?

The official uniform for the Network section is the standard Adult Leader Uniform with a Merseyside Scout Network black and white knecker, and a Network flash badge. We also have a pink woggle available but its not a requirement. When not wearing the uniform, we have a full range of pink t-shirt, hoodies etc for any member to buy.

Do I have to wear pink?

No. Don't worry, if pink doesnt bring out the colour in your eyes, then Merseyside Scout Network merchandise is also available in black.

Do I need to be invested?

If you are not already an invested member of the movement i.e. a Cub leader, Then you will need to be invested as a Network Member. This is quick and simple once you have joined and if your invested at MerseyMoot its also a little bit special!

How do I know if I am registered as a Network Member?

With your membership details you can sign into the the and check your details under the My Tools section.
You can also email the CSNC ( or  the CSNL ( who are more than happy to check and update any changes.

How much do I pay?

There is no regular fee, no call out cost, no fees in the small print. You pay for your annual capitation fee either to Network or your own group. Then its just the cost of the events you attend! Its free to attend the monthly social!

Can I be a member of more than one Network?

Yes of course, many university students decide to carry on with Network in the new town or city they move to. We will always welcome you back over summer and christmas breaks. We just ask you keep us informed!

Who do I contact for info?

There are many ways to find out more info. There is lots of information on this website, visit our Facebook group: 'Merseyside Network', and post a question and you can always email for a point in the right direction.


Download the Welcome Pack & Registration Form

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