Liverpool North District Scouts


Following the County Review of the Districts, Liverpool North District was formed in April 2010, with the merging of Fairfield, Walton on the Hill and parts of Knowsley District.

Liverpool North is a growing and vibrant Scout District that brings fun, challenge and adventure to children and young people right across the north of Liverpool. We have a dedicated team of adults who go the extra mile to bring new experiences to our members and they are encouraged to develop their own skills too - so we are fortunate to have dedicated archery and climbing teams.

With 20 Scout Groups spread throughout our area, you will be no more than ten minutes drive from your closest group. So if you or your children are looking for a new adventure - get in touch.

District Contacts

DC      Helen Hannigan 
DDC   John Dean
ADC Beavers   Danny Sedgwick (ADC Beavers) 
ADC Cubs   Joanne Cain (ADC Cubs) 
ADC Scouts   Bernie Hughes (ADC Scouts) 
DESC   Neil Parr (DESC)

 LTM - Andrew Parle


Scout Groups

Below are a list of the current Scout Groups within this district along with links to their websites where known.

  • 1st Walton On The Hill
  • 2nd Walton On The Hill
  • 4th Walton On The Hill
  • 5th Walton On The Hill
  • 12th Walton On The Hill
  • 14th Walton On The Hill
  • 17th Walton On The Hill St Aidains
  • 19th Walton On The Hill
  • 3rd Knowsley (Methodist)
  • 1st Croxteth Park (St Cuthbert's)
  • 2nd Fairfield (All Saints Stoneycroft)
  • 3rd Fairfield St Margarets Anfield
  • 5th Fairfield (St.Sebastain’s)
  • 7th Fairfield
  • 9th Fairfield (St James West Derby)
  • 12th Fairfield (Trinity Methodist) 
  • 14th Fairfield
  • 15th Fairfield (Oakvale U.R.C.) 
  • 17th Fairfield (West Derby St Marys) 
  • 19th Fairfield (St Pauls West Derby)

District borders above are approximations.

District Information

Scout Groups : 20
Explorer Units: 5
Total Youth Members : 661
Total Adult Members : 163
Main Areas Within District:

  • Aintree,
  • Anfield,
  • Clubmoor,
  • Croxteth,
  • Dovecot,
  • Everton,
  • Fairfield,
  • Fazakerley,
  • Kensington,
  • Kirkdale,
  • Knotty Ash,
  • Norris Green,
  • Oak Vale,
  • Old Swan,
  • Orrell Park,
  • Page Moss,
  • Stanley,
  • Stoneycroft,
  • Vauxhall,
  • Walton
  • West Derby.

District Website?:

District Gang Show?: No