Adult Training and Support

Adult Appointment and Training Process

The following flow chart provides an overview of the adult appointment and training process for all new adults within the County. A more flexible approach should be adopted for adults who are changing roles and the Local Training Manager should be consulted on what will be required.

Adult identified / registers interest within the District

Adult agrees proposed role and job description with volunteer line manager within the Group / District

Arrangements made for Form AA and CRB to be completed within the District

Satisfactory Personal Enquiry and CRB disclosure received and Provision Appointment made via District Appointments Secretary

District Appointments Secretary arranges for adult to attend Appointments sub-Committee meeting and informs Local Training Manager of Provisional Appointment
Local Training Manager invites adult to attend Getting Started and District Appointments Sub Committee meet adult to verify suitability.

Local Training Manager (or nominee) arranges to meet
with adult to complete personal learning plan and identify training requirements

Local Training Manager facilitates flexible learning or course completion for adult

Adult undertakes training or flexible learning. Local Training Manager informed of course completions by Course Directors

Adult completes training; Wood Badge application
submitted to Assistant County Commissioner (Adult Support) by Local Training Manager

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