adult support & training

Adult Training and Support

Following the One Vision project, it is recognised that a focus must be placed on:

  • Increasing the learning and support opportunities available to adult members
  • Reducing the effort required by Districts to provide learning experiences
  • Centralising the induction and learning experiences to ensure consistency throughout the County
  • Reintroducing a role within Districts to facilitate access to learning experiences for adults

Adult Training

The Scout Association’s Adult Training Scheme enables adults to gain the skills they need to deliver and/or support the programme for young people. The scheme:

  • Helps adults understand Scouting and their role within it
  • Gives them the skills they need to do their job
  • Improves the quality and quantity of Scouting delivered
  • Supports adults in their own personal development.

Training helps adults to gain skills, knowledge or values and helps them be happier and more effective in their roles. The necessary training can be delivered in a variety of ways to ensure there is the flexibility to suit everyone.

The scheme has been built around the principles that training should be accessible to all, flexible, and consistent. It builds on existing knowledge and skills, provides opportunities for adults to interact with others, use familiar Scout methods, and is externally recognised.

The scheme is divided into 36 modules and different roles require a different selection of modules to be completed. The role description agreed during induction will help to define which modules should be tackled. No training within the scheme is compulsory. If an adult already has the skills and knowledge that are required for their role they do not have to repeat the training for its own sake. They will however have to demonstrate that they have this knowledge and skill through a validation process with their Local Training Manager, or nominee.

The Personal Learning Plan is an important part of the scheme and is created with the help of the Local Training Manager. The plan is constructed by identifying which modules are relevant by answering a number of short questions. This process is completed using the Adult’s Personal File.

There are flexible ways to undertake a number of the modules within the Adult Training Scheme, all of which can be discussed with the Local Training Manager. However, wherever possible, you are encouraged to engage with other adult members via some of the learning experiences that are offered throughout the year.

Ongoing Learning and Support

Ongoing learning and support are both important parts of keeping the knowledge and skills of adult members up to date and relevant to the changing needs of young people and the environment in which we operate. There will be opportunities to attend additional topical sessions to help you with particular matters.

Examples of support that may be provided, as needs determine are:

  • Child protection awareness
  • Managing behaviour
  • Understanding special needs
  • Operating effective appointments sub-committees
  • Fund raising
  • Support to District Appointments sub-Committees

Contact Us ...

Should you require assistance, or for more information on Adult Support within the Merseyside County please contact.

John Theobald County Training Manager

Upcoming Events

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Practical Skills - Module 18 - 1st Frankby Greasby Scout HQ, Wirral

7th October 2018,, 9.00am - 1.00pm

Introduction to Residential Experiences - Module 16 - Scarisbrick Guide Camp

3rd November 2018,, 9.00am - 4.00pm

Section Essentials Course - Christ Church Community Centre, Bebington

17th November 2018,, 9.00am - 1.00pm

Getting Started Course - Christ Church Community Centre, Bebington