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Course Information

Below you will find details of all courses currently run by Merseyside county. Details concerning this years courses can be found in the downloads section.
Bookings for courses will only be "live" on Eventbrite 3 months prior to the course date. 

Getting Started (Welcome and Induction)

This informal course is intended for all new adult members within the County and will last for half a day. The course is an enhanced getting started that will seek to offer an exciting introduction to new adults and springboard both their membership to the movement and their training needs.

2018 Courses:

  • 3rd March
  • 19th May  
  • 15th September
  • 17th November

Pre-requisite(s): Provisional Appointment
Duration: Half day
Modules Covered:
001- Essential Information,
003 - Tools for the role,
005 - Fundamentals of Scouting,
006 - Changes in Scouting.
007 - Scouting For All
008 - Skills of Leadership

Section Essentials

This full day course is intended for all new Beaver Scout, Cub Scout, Scout or Explorer Scout Leaders; or leaders who are moving between Sections. The course offers essential information on being a member of a Section Leadership Team as well as essential Section specific training.

2018 Courses:

  • 12th May 
  • 3rd Novemberr

Pre-requisite(s): Getting Started
Duration: One Day
Modules Covered:
009 - Working with Adults
011 - Administration
012A & 012B - Delivering a Quality Programme and Programme Planning
013 - Growing the Section
014 - Supporting Young People
015 - Promoting Positive behaviour
017 - Running Safe Activities
019 - International

Management and Support Essentials

2018 Courses:

Yet to be confirmed

Getting Started
Duration : One Day
Modules Covered:


Introduction to Residential Experiences

This one day course is a necessary requirement for all leaders.

2018 Courses:

  • 18th February
  • 7th October

Pre-requisite(s): Getting Started &  ideally Section Essentials or Management and Support Essentials
Duration : Half Day
Modules Covered:
016 - Residential Experiences

Nights Away

This course requires a full day of preparation and then a residential weekend at Tawd Vale Scout Camp. It offers a fantastic opportunity to develop skills for offering residential experiences for adults from all Sections and is the first step for attaining a Nights Away permit for adults who do not yet posses the skills required.

2018 Course:

  • 3rd June & 22nd to 24th June

Pre-requisite(s): Getting Started and Module 16 ideally Section Essentials or Management and Support Essentials
Duration: One Day and One Weekend

Modules Covered:

038 -


2018 Course:

Yet to be confirmed

Pre-requisite(s): None
Duration: Evening

Section Skills - (this is not a mandatory course) 

This full day course is intended for all new Beaver Scout and Cub Scout or  Scout Leaders and Explorer Leaders or those wishing to refersh their basic skills knowledge

2018 Courses:

  • 7th April
  • 6th October 

Pre-requisite(s): Getting Started
Duration: One Day

First Response

The one day First Aid course is designed to at least meet and where possible exceed the requirements of First Response; which is the minimum requirement for all adults holding appointments in Scouting.

Districts will now be able to arrange First Aid courses as and when needed by their leaders in order to meet the requirements of their own District. 

Pre-requisite(s): None
Duration : One Day

Supplementary Modules

There are a number of other courses available within the adult training scheme that provide skills for the delivery of training experiences and for working with young people with special needs. These modules can be delivered in a number of flexible ways, on request.

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Should you require assistance, or for more information on Adult Support within the Merseyside County please contact.

John Theobald County Training Manager

Upcoming Events

15th September 2018, 9.00am - 1.00pm")

Getting Started Course - Marriott Hotel, Queens Square, Liverpool

6th October 2018, 9.00am - 6.00pm")

Practical Skills - Module 18 - 1st Frankby Greasby Scout HQ, Wirral

7th October 2018, 9.00am - 1.00pm")

Introduction to Residential Experiences - Module 16 - Scarisbrick Guide Camp

3rd November 2018, 9.00am - 4.00pm")

Section Essentials Course - Christ Church Community Centre, Bebington

17th November 2018, 9.00am - 1.00pm")

Getting Started Course - Christ Church Community Centre, Bebington