Its Gang Show Time!

What is a Scout Gang Show?, Where can I see a show?, Who performs in them? - If your asking this sort of question you're obviously missing out on one of the best scouting activities around - The Scout Gang Show!

So What is a Gang Show?

A Gang Show is an amateur theatrical performance where the cast is made up of youth members of Scouts and often Guides too, by invitation. Adult leaders help out, often backstage rather than on stage.

The aim of the shows is to give young people in Scouting and Guiding the opportunity to develop performance skills and perform in a close to professional theatrical environment. Opportunities are also afforded to young people to work backstage, in front of house roles, and to perform as musicians in the show's musical items and in the orchestra.

Generally, youth members, adult leaders and volunteer helpers have to participate in many hours of planning, writing, composing, choreographing, building stage scenery and props, and making costumes stretching over several months before the actual performances as well as rehearsals.

In order to reach what is perceived to be the required performance standard for a Gang Show, a high level of commitment is needed from all involved in the production and, to a marginally lesser extent, their families. A typical Gang Show would require participants to attend between 15 and 30 rehearsals in preparation for the actual performances.

Gang Show in Merseyside

Merseyside has a proud history of some of the best known and highest quality Gang Shows in the country. There are currently 4 Gang Shows based within Merseyside, from Southport in the North, St Helens in the east of the County and Birkenhead and West Wirral Gang Shows on the Wirral.

How Can I Take Part?

If you are from one of the Districts that already has a Gang Show, ask your Leader when the next show is taking place and look out for flyers and audition information from your district, alternatively visit the links to the right of this page.

If you don't have a local show, talk to your leader and suggest you set one up! Your Troop or Unit could perform in your local headquarters, or your District might like to set up a new District show, the possibilities are endless!

What's On?

Want to watch one of our fantastic Scout Shows? Here's when our shows are next performing:

Upcoming Events

Gang Show Websites

For more information on a specific Gang Show and for ticket information please visit the websites below:

Birkenhead District Gang Show
Will return in 2019

St Helens District Gang Show "Scout Around"
St Helens District Gang Show Returns in 2017.

West Wirral District Gang Show
West Wirral Gang Show performs every two years with the next show from the 8th - 10th March 2018.